Leslie B. Snyder, PhDProfessor, Communication, University of Connecticut
Principal Investigator, Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy

    Dr. Snyder’s role is to spearhead efforts to share menopause advice with women everywhere based on the team’s original research, as well as state-of-the-art findings by other scientists. She has advised national health campaigns on women’s health and other topics. She conducts research to understand how to design more effective messages for diverse groups using a wide variety of media. In the course of working on this website and tool, she’s has learned so much more about menopause than she knew when she was going through it herself. She wants women to know the many symptoms that can be part of menopause, in case they have them. She wants women to know their options, so they can choose what is right for them, or at least begin to explore what might work for them. Menopause might be the most common health change (50% of the population goes through it!) that is hardly talked about, except in hushed tones. No wonder many women about confused about what it is, and what they can do. She hopes this website can help fill the void.

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