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Our tools can help you understand where you are in the menopause transition, personalize your search for relief, and assess and track your symptoms over time. Women dealing with more than one symptom will especially appreciate our decision tool – Create My Menoplan.  Share the results with your partner, family, friends, and health care providers.

Decision Tool

This the heart of the My Menoplan website. Select symptoms and see what science tells you about what works and what may work for the symptoms you chose. Narrow your options based on what’s important to you.

Interactive Assessments

These brief online tools will help you evaluate your stage of perimenopause/menopause, and assess how severe your symptoms are. The results can be useful to share with your health care provider when discussing your symptoms.

Downloadable Diaries

These diaries can be be printed and used to track your symptoms over time. Tracking can help you evaluate how well treatments are working. You can also use them to report your symptoms and responses to treatments when you talk with your healthcare provider.

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