Women’s Stories


Six women shared their perimenopause and menopause experiences with us. We also interviewed Dr. Susan Reed, an OB/GYN on our team, who has researched the menopause transition for over 25 years. See what they have to say in these videos.

Deciding to try something

How the women learned more about the menopause transition. Ways to consider your values and approaches to health and well being when selecting coping strategies and treatments for symptoms. Creating your Menoplan.

The Journey to Relief

Ideas for how to find what works for you and your symptoms.

My Advice

What the women would tell their younger selves and you about the menopause transition.

Breaking the taboo.

Even though all women go through the menopause transition, society sweeps it “under the rug.”  The women talk about the taboo and the importance of sharing their stories.

Talking with your Doctor

How to have a satisfying dialogue with your health care provider about your menopause transition, symptoms, treatment preferences, and what to expect.

Talking with your Partner

Helping others understand what you are going through.

Our bodies in natural menopause

What’s going on with my body? Hormones, a wide range of potential symptoms, and an unpredictable timeline.

Got ovaries? Induced menopause and continuous birth control.

Special cases: Induced menopause from surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Continuous birth control. Hysterectomy. How to know where you are in the menopause transition if you don’t have a period anymore.

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